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General Introduction:

  The Center for Environmental Fluid Dynamics (CEFD) has built up a strong reputation in Vietnam and in the region in the field of environmental fluid dynamics water-related disaster, climate change adaptation and mitigation, hydro-marine dynamics modeling, coastal and river engineering, through over many implemented projects. CEFD also has close relations with Faculty of Hydrology, Meteorology and Oceanography, VNU University of Science - one of the top education and research institutions in the field of hydrometeorology in Vietnam, therefore it can easily mobilize senior experts for the assignment as well as to discuss and consult the high-ranked scientist groups on the interested issues. Moreover, by participating in many projects in Vietnam and having experience of cooperation with relating professional governmental agencies at central level as well as at provincial level, the CEFD has an extensive database on hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, topography and geology in almost all area of Vietnam which efficiently and effectively supports the contributions of CEFD in its conducted projects.  The working experience with stake holders in disaster risk management is also a strength of CEFD.

CEFD's core expertise is environmental hydro-marine dynamics. The center has extensive knowledge of hydraulics, hydrology, water infrastructure, coastal and river engineering, environmental management, water-related disaster, climate change adaptation and mitigation.

CEFD is at the cutting edge in the use of innovative technologies to optimize management of disaster risks, water resources and infrastructure in river and coastal areas such as geographic information systems, 1D and 2D hydro-marine dynamics models including Mike software package (Mike11, Mike 21, Mike Flood, Mike Urban,…), Delft3D, SMS, WAM, SWAN etc. and a comprehensive equipment system for conducting surveys on river, estuary and coastal area.

CEFD provides an integrated service throughout the entire project life cycle, including feasibility studies, economic and financial analysis, environmental impact assessments, detailed and final design, master plans, assistance to procurement and commissioning, works supervision, capacity building. As per working at platform of a leading University, CEFD also has strong experiences in training and capacity building, knowledge transfer to different relevant stake holders at different scales.

CEFD has strong experiences in working with international and governmental institutions such as WB, DANIDA, UNDP, MARD, GFDRR, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resource (MONRE), Provincial People Committees.

Currently, CEFD has 61 persons including senior staffs, consultants and contributors as follows:

  • 03 Professors and 16 Associate Professors
  • 7 Doctors and 7 PhD Candidate
  • 16 Masters and a number of high quality experts.


  • Department of Administration
  • Department of Research and Service

Center for Environmental Fluid Dynamics
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