Science & Technology Overview:

VNU University of Science has played a key role in many fields of basic and applied science in Vietnam. These include mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, nuclear technology, bio-technology, and earth sciences. Since its establishment the University has continued to provide and maintain the highest standards in education as well as in scientific research. As a research-oriented university, the success of our scientific research is an integral part of the high quality education provided at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Most of our programs provide students with the opportunity to undertake research under the supervision of academics or researchers. 

The VNU University of Science has been well supported by both government and VNU, who have made a significant investment in our modern and advanced research facilities, helping us improve our research capabilities. Recent projects have strongly focused on some key research areas such as nano-technology, climate change, advanced materials, enzyme-protein and nuclear energy. Approximately 40 percent of the academic staff are full professors and associate professors. Our scientists have routinely published their results in international science journals of repute. The university has a special policy to develop Strong Research Groups which conduct high-level research and consultation. Their activities have made great contributions to the university’s achievements in science and technology. During the period of 2015-2019, over fifty Ministry-level Science & Technology Awards for cutting-edge research were awarded to our University.

The University’s leading research areas include:

1. Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

2. Advanced Materials and pharmaceutical chemicals

3. Nano Science and Technology 

4. Life sciences and biotechnology     

5. Climate change, managing and using natural resources     

6. Environmental study

7. Nuclear and Alternative Energy.

8. Marine Science and Technology

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