- Undergraduate

          + Available programs and curriculum structures

          The advanced programs and international standard programs aim to train undergraduate students in selected areas that meet regional and international standards. The curricula of the programs are imported from partner universities in the United States, and instruction is conducted in English. These programs are credit-based and students who complete the programs graduate with a Bachelor degree.

·        Advanced Program in Chemistry

·        International Standard Program in Physics

·        International Standard Program in Biology

·        International Standard Program in Geology

+ Admission requirements

When to Apply

There is no specific deadline to apply for courses, and applications will be considered until the course is full. However, to allow time for us to process your application we recommend that International students apply by 1 June or earlier, if possible, to ensure enough time to get a visa, if applicable. For admission in September, an interview will be administered in the second half of August.

How to Apply:

The following documents (in English) are required:

• High School Completion Certificate or similar.

• High School Transcript or Study Report with high grades in Mathematics, Physics,   Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science.

(Some students whose GPA is lower, yet who show promise of succeeding at the undergraduate level, may be admitted on a probationary basis.)

• Letter of application that includes a statement explaining why you hope to pursue an   undergraduate degree at the VNU University of Science.

• Two letters of recommendation, preferably from people who are familiar with your   studies.

• English Proficiency Certificate: TOEFL iBT 75, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent. (Applicants   without   these may demonstrate their English ability via interview.)

• Proof of financial support for living expenses. (Most students in Advanced Programs and International Standard Programs receive a scholarship, but it will not cover all expenses.)

+ Continuation and graduation requirements

Students are expected to register for courses themselves and are responsible for their registration. The number of registered credits is no less than the minimum credit load per semester for each type of program as follows:

- International standard program:     minimum of 16 credits/semester

- Advanced program:                        minimum of 18 credits/semester

The minimum credit load per semester does not include credits for re-take, repeat, out-of-curriculum selective classes, physcial education, millitary defense education, supplemental skills, and classes in the 2nd curriculum (for students being enrolled in dual-degree programs or studying in two different programs);

A student who meets all the following requirements may receive a diploma:  

a) Within the maximum duration of study;

b) Not prosecuted for criminal liability;

c) Accumulating the required credit load;

d) Accumulated GPA is from 2.50 and above for advanced, and international standard programs;

e) Meeting the foreign language requirement:

- Level 5 (in the 6-level foreign language assessment scheme for Vietnamese) for students in advanced programs, and international standard programs;

f) Having certificates of at least 5 soft skills;

g) Meeting additional requirements for academic performance for a number of specialized courses based on appropriate documents form VNU or VNU-HUS;

h) Passing courses of military defense education and physical education.

Students in dual degree programs may graduate with the second degree if they meet all the graduation requirements for the first degree program.

+ Application Information

International Relations Office

VNU University of Science

334 – Nguyen Trai road

Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi – Vietnam

(Tel: + 84-4-3858 1419)

We will consider students with a wide variety of international qualifications. For further questions regarding our entry requirements, please contact the department to which you are applying, or University Application Advice at: admission@hus.edu.vn.

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