A memorable internship of two French students at VNU University of Science

On 23/8/2017, two French students, Florian OSER and Rayan MARTIN, delivered a presentation on the internship program over the past two months at the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS)

On 23/8/2017, two French students, Florian OSER and Rayan MARTIN, delivered a presentation on the internship program over the past two months at the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS). Florian OSER and Rayan MARTIN are students of Mathematics and Information at École International des Sciences de Traitement d'Information - EISTI.

Florian and Rayan at the classroom and in the workshop in Hai Phong with the teachers of VNU -HUS

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen - Deputy Dean of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics and Dr. Do Thanh Ha is the two instructors of Florian and Rayan. Two trainees were assigned to work in the group "Building a photo classification tool for image-forming problem based on textual description". The work is conducted in small steps, after each step students must present the report.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen said that this is a research project combining speech processing and image processing by Dr. Minh Huyen and Dr. Thanh Ha co-ordinated for the first time. The student group is approaching this new topic through the Ph.D thesis in 2016 of Andrej Karpathy - Stanford University, entitled "Connecting Pictures and Natural Language."

Dr. Thanh Ha and Dr. Minh Huyen (from left) at a seminar of VNU-HUS

Commenting on the internship, Ms. Huyen highly appreciated the focus, positive work attitude, and discipline as well as research results of French students. During the internship, Florian and Rayan learned a new problem, grasped the theory; to exploit, use the software tools available to train the model and create textual descriptions for any photo. They also write simple programs for text search in the image database and allow updating information, edit the description text.

The last session of the internship of Florian and Rayan

During the internship, Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics always maintained contact with EISTI through Ms. Elodie CASSIAU - Assistant to International Relations and Business and Mr. Karam FAYAD - Florian and Rayan's internship trainee. Previously, Nesim FINTZ - the General Director of EISTI and Ms. Laurence LAMOULIE, EISI's Pau Center Director, sent a letter to VNU-HUS requesting an exchange of trainees.

EISTI was founded in 1983, is a technology university ranked 12th in France in 2006. The cooperation between the two Universities started in October 2015, after the first visit to the VNU-HUS by Marie Josée Lamerre - Head of International Relations Department. Ms. Nguyen Thi Viet Nga - Alumni of K37 Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics and Informatics, is an EISTI lecturer who is the bridge for this cooperation.

05 EISTI students at VNU-HUS in 2016. They have memorable memories in Vietnam with teachers of VNU-HUS

In 2016, 05 EISTI students chose the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics at VNU-HUS to practice. It is understood that the parties are promoting a two-way exchange of lecturers, if successful will become a new milestone in the cooperation between the two universities.

On the occasion of two EISTI students who completed the semester at VNU-HUS, the Center for Information Technology and Communications has had a brief talk with Florian and Rayan.

Reporter: Hello Florian and Rayan. Why do you choose VNU-HUS and Vietnam as the destination for your internship?

Florian and Rayan: We chose VNU-HUS because it is a well-known university in Vietnam. Indeed, Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the best in Vietnam. We chose Vietnam because we wanted to do something far from our hometown (France). We also want to know more about this wonderful country.

Reporter: What is your topic? How do you see that topic?

Florian and Rayan: Our topic relates to the application of machine learning techniques to the visualization process. We have approached this interesting topic at EISTI. The field of machine learning is developing strongly in recent years. It was a difficult road but Ms. Ha and Ms. Huyen helped us understand the problem in this field.

Florian and Rayan enjoy Vietnamese coffee with instructors

Reporter: What impressed you most about this practice?

Florian and Rayan: The people at the University are very friendly. We have a lot of friends here, including students and teachers.

Friends at VNU-HUS said that Florian and Rayan were very hardworking with their assigned work, actively involved in non-professional and friendly activities.

Reporter: Where do you live during your internship? In addition to practicing in University, what other activities do you do when living in Hanoi?

Florian and Rayan: We lived in the R6 - Royal City because it is near the University, quiet and many services. Often, we play some good health. We go to the gym about 1 hour a day, sometimes go swimming or walking on the street. On weekends, we meet with friends from France who are studying at Hanoi University of Technology. We explore the city together, gathered in the heart of Hanoi.

Reporter: What will you tell your friends about VNU-HUS and Vietnam?

Florian and Rayan: I would tell my friends that if they want to see a foreigner with good university lecturers and great landscapes they should come to Vietnam.

Reporter: What do you think about teachers from faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics and VNU-HUS can do to better to support foreign students?

Florian and Rayan: We are very fortunate that Ms. Huyen speaks French. That is very important in the process of working, helping us not be mistaken, misunderstanding what the University requires. We are happy about this practice!

Reporter: Thank you!

Some photos of memorable experiences with Florian and Rayan's intenship:

Florian and Rayan merge into the sea of Lan Ha Bay belonging to the Cat Ba Archipelago, south of Ha Long Bay. This visit was held in conjunction with the workshop taking place in Hai Phong

Florian and Rayan explore Sapa - a highland town

Two French students take part in the 2017 Extensive Mathematics Football Tournament

Information about two instructors of EISTI trainee:

Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Huyen - Deputy Dean of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics, Head of Department of Informatics

She graduated from the University of Henri Poincaré - Nancy I, Nancy, France in 2006, and now studies in Natural Language Processing / Computer Linguistics. In addition to teaching at the University, she is an active participant in national and international scientific activities, is one of the key members of the organizing committee of the Vietnamese Language and Speech Processing (VLSP workshops). See more at: http://mim.hus.vnu.edu.vn/en/canbo/huyenntm

Dr. Do Thanh Ha - Deputy Head of Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics

Dr. Do Thanh Ha is currently the Deputy Head of Information Department, VNU-HUS. She has a Ph.D. in Information Technology from Lorraine University, France in 2014. Areas of interest to her include: Object Identification, Image Processing, and Optimal Algorithm operating. Currently, in addition to studying and teaching at the University, she is also a scientific advisor at the FPT Research Institute. See more at: http://mim.hus.vnu.edu.vn/en/canbo/hadt



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