11 Scientists from VNU University of Science commended for outstanding achievements

The Director of Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi signed decision No.62/QĐ-ĐHQGHN and decision No.63/QĐ-ĐHQGHN on the award of certificates of merits for 35 scientists with outstanding achievement in international publication and intellectual properties ownership in 2019 - 2020.

There are 11 scientists hailing from VNU University of Science (VNU - HUS). They are:

1. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ngô Quốc Anh, Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics

2. Dr. Đặng Kinh Bắc, Faculty of Geography

3. Dr. Phạm Thanh Đồng, Faculty of Chemistry and Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Green Growth

4. Dr. Phạm Tiến Đức, Faculty of Chemistry

5. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mai Hồng Hạnh, Faculty of Physics

6. Dr. Đặng Quang Khang, Faculty of Geology

7. Dr .Nguyễn Thị Hồng Loan, Faculty of Biology and Key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology

8. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Minh, Faculty of Biology

9. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Từ Bình Minh, Faculty of Chemistry

10. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trần Mạnh Trí, Faculty of Chemistry

11. Assoc.Prof. Trần Đình Trinh, Faculty of Chemistry and Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Green Growth

11 Scientists from VNU University of Science commended for outstanding achievements
VNU University of Science

The tight cohesion between scientific research, education, and training is one of notable traits of VNU - HUS. This is the driving force for the renovation of teaching methodology, improving education and training quality and the capability of the teaching staff members.

To build an advanced research university means to heighten the focus on the improvement of the quality and efficiency of scientific research by determining prioritized research orientation, focusing on the investment of outstanding studies to increase the number of international publications, and giving patients to inventors to put their inventions into application.

Notable achievements of the 11 scientists in details:


Full name and title




Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ngô Quốc Anh

Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanics - Informatics

6 international publications in Q1, 2020 in ISI magazine, 5 of which are in-depth works. Most of the papers are extensive, 45 pages long on average dealing with geometric analysis and higher order partial differential equations.


Dr.Đặng Kinh Bắc

Faculty of Geography

08 publications in ISI indexed magazines in 2020, was the main author for 4 of them.

Featured articles:

1.    Dang, K.B., Windhorst, W., Burkhard, B., Müller, F., 2018. A Bayesian Belief Network – Based approach to link ecosystem functions with rice provisioning ecosystem services. Ecol. Indic. Volume 100, May 2019, Pages 30-44.

2.    Dang, K.B., Burkhard, B, Windhorst, W., Müller, F., 2019. Application of a hybrid neural-fuzzy inference system for mapping crop suitability areas and predicting rice yields. Environ. Model. Softw. 114, 166–180.

3.    Dang, K. B., Dang, V. B., Bui, Q. T., Nguyen, V. V., Pham, T. P. N., Ngo, V. L., 2020. A Convolutional Neural Network for Coastal Classification Based on ALOS and NOAA Satellite Data. IEEE Access 8, 11824–11839.

4.Giang T.L., Dang K.B., Le Q.T., Nguyen V.G., Tong S.S., Pham V.M. (2020). U-Net Convolutional Networks for Mining Land Cover Classification Based on High-Resolution UAV Imagery, IEEE Access, V. 8, 186257- 186273


Dr.Phạm Thanh Đồng

Faculty of Chemistry and Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Green Growth


11 publications in ISI indexed magazines. He was the main author for 7 of them.

Most of the articles focus on the research on the synthesis of highly active photocatalyst materials (photocatalysts are catalytic materials that operate on the excitation light) for applications to treat (mainly decomposed) organic pollutants in the environment. Additionally, there are several articles on the use of photocatalyst materials for the conversion of CO2 (greenhouse gas, which causes global warming) into usable fuel (CH4 or CH3OH) or the splitting of water to form hydrogen (H2) which is clean energy (Hydrogen is usually formed by electrolysis of water – and the use of electricity is not cost-effective).


Dr. Phạm Tiến Đức

 Faculty of Chemistry

14 publications in ISI indexed magazines (09 in Q1, 04 in Q2, and 1 in Q3). He was the main author of 8 articles, one of which was chosen to be featured on the cover of ISI-Q2 Electrophoresis magazine.

It is noted that 12 out of 14 publications had the participation of HUS - VNU Chemistry students under the guidance of Mr. Đức.

Other achievements:

1.Successfully completed a Nafosted topic (104.05-2016.17).

2.Chief editor for 02 for a special issue of ISI international magazine  (One for Q1 and one for Q2).

3.Taking part in the editorial board of 1 magazine ISI – Q2.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Mai Hồng Hạnh

Faculty of Physics

In 2020, Ms. Hạnh’s group published 11 articles in magazines indexed in ISI/Scopus in Q1. She was the main author for 7 articles, co-author for 4 articles.

The main research orientation of the group was the design and creation of advanced materials and accessories to be used in biomedicine and environment conversation. The group focused on the development of advanced micro/nano structures such as families of oxide nanomaterials (ZnO, CuO) and metal nanomaterials (Ag, Au, etc.) for their uses in bio fluorescence sensors, in bactericide and mold sterilizing....; or the development of bio-microlaser applications in sensors, in vitro and in vivo tests oriented to biomedical applications. At the same time, the research team also aims to design and manufacture compact and precise optical devices and applications in smartphones to detect toxins in the environment.

The group has been working on 5 projects, including 2 state-level projects and 3 international projects.


Dr. Đặng Quang Khang

Faculty of Geology

- Co-authors for 3 published articles in magazines in dexed in ISI/SCOPUS, and a magazine in the top 5% trusted magazines in the field of Geoengineering and Engineering Geology

- Main author for one Springer-published monograph

- Co-author of 4 chapters in another Springer-published monograph.

Most of his studies focus on the development and application of evaluation technology and risk reduction of landslide caused by rainfall. He modelled and analyzed sliding-mass dynamics to explain the activation and locomotion mechanism of the sliding mass based on the geotechnical parameters of the soil from the results of Undrained Stress-controlled Dynamic-loading Ring-shear Test. This elucidates the causation and mechanism of landslide in the rain, improving early warning systems for areas with similar risk of landslides. Evacuation and proper land usage are usually the solution for landslides problems.


Dr.Nguyễn Thị Hồng Loan

Faculty of Biology and Key Laboratory of Enzyme and Protein Technology

Her research focused on creating recombinant enzymes and proteins that play a role in food and medicine technology, and studying the role of some enzymes in the immune mechanism of shrimp.

In 2020, the author conducted her research on 1 VNU-level project and 22 state-level projects where she was the lead and 1 VNU-level projects where she was the major participant. Her achievements were 2 certificates for useful utility solutions awarded by the National Office of Intellectual Property and 2 articles in specialized scientific journals in the country.

Her topic on "Specific peptide substrate to determine HIV-1 protease activity" was about a substrate specifically designed for HIV-1 protease, allowing the enzyme activity to be determined. creating favorable conditions for research and development of HIV-1 protease inhibitors in the country. This utility solution-oriented substrate generation process is also applicable to the generation of substrates for other highly substrate-specific proteases.


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyễn Ngọc Minh

Faculty of Biology

In 2020, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh and his colleagues at the Department of Soil Environment and Natural Resources, Faculty of Environment published 8 scientific works in trusted international journals, including 2 works in journals in the top 5%. His scientific works were mostly on the research on heavy metal pollution in the soil environment and in food, utilizing biomass by-products to produce soil improvement materials and preparations. In addition, the research team accepted 1 National University-level project, and received 01 intellectual property rights on the production process of activated carbon from Gout. With the motto "research for humanity", the research team of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh is continuing to conduct research with high practicality, for example: controlled slow-release fertilizers, silica-biochar composite materials applied in environmental pollution treatment.


Research group of Assoc.Prof.Dr. Từ Bình Minh, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trần Mạnh Trí and other members

Faculty of Chemistry

From 2019 to 2020, the group published over 20 research works on magazines indexed in ISI, many of them were listed in the top 5% most in-depth works.

The research group focused on developing precise analytical methodologies on trace quantity, super trace level, persistent organic pollutants, and endocrine disrupting chemicals on modern analytical equipment. Optimal methods are then applied to analyze, observe and evaluate the distribution of groups of compounds of interest in different environments such as air, dust, water, soil, sediment and biological samples. The risks of exposure to these chemicals through different exposure routes have also been studied and estimated according to different age groups for residents living in polluted environments. The research results of the group had not been found before in Vietnam and the world. Therefore, the group's research works have been  appreciated and cited by many domestic and foreign scientists.

The group has successfully worked on 2 state-level projects and 1 ministerial-level project (currently working on 2 state-level projects).


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trần Đình Trinh

Faculty of Chemistry and Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials for Green Growth

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Trần Đình Trinh and his partners published 9 articles in international magazines indexed in ISI/Scopus. He was the main author of 6 articles

One of his works was cited many times (nearly 40 times from 2018 to 2020). The research group led by him conducted an evaluation of greenhouse gas and atmosphere in Hanoi city. The research findings showed that many sections of the city had been full of pollutants, especially  volatile organic compounds and PM2.5 particulate matter, of which density was at roughly 60-190 µg/m3. This quantity exceeded 1.2-4 times the amount regulated by QCVN 05:2013/BTNMT in National Technical Regulation on Ambient Air Quality. Solutions for pollutants, especially volatile organic compounds, included the development of several composite materials, hybrid materials based on graphene and used as catalysts for adsorption. Initial research findings showed that these materials allow the generation of free radicals that are 3 to 5 times more efficient at processing organic substances than common free radicals such as hydroxyl radicals. Within one hour, all organic matter was essentially eliminated. The outcome of this experiment will be the premise for the group to continue the development and application of these materials in the treatment of pollutants.


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