1. Directors: Prof. Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan

2. Place: T2 Building, 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam

3. Fields: Environmental Geology

4. Research orientations:

4.1. Assessment and forecast environmental and climate  change: impacts, vulnerability and proactive response:

- Reconstructing paleoclimate and paleoenvironment;

- Assessing, forecasting and modeling impacts, vulnerability of environmental and climate change;

- Proposing solutions for proactive response to environmental and climate change;

- Building smart response models to environmental and climate change for urban and rural and other areas;

- Providing consultant services in climate change mitigation, adaptation

4.2. Wise use of natural resources and sustainable development:

- Building indices, maps and plans, solutions for sustainable allocations and utilization of natural resources and environment;

- Providing development plans and consultant services for national and provincial governments towards sustainable development

4.3. Geoecology and Geoenvironmental technology:

- Proposing solutions for sustainable use of natural ecosystems;

- Enhancing human health based on geoecological conditions;

- Developing and applying geoenvironmental technologies for environmental remediation;

- Providing consultant services in geoecology and geoenvironmental technologies

5. Decision of VNU (in Vietnamese)

VNU Key Laboratory of Geo-environment and Climate change Response
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