Office of Cooperation and Development


Tel: +84-4-3858 1419


Deputy Head: Dr. Le Huu Tuyen, email:

1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in the management of administration and cooperation of the university.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Administrative work and archives

- Proposing administration management and reform. Applying ISO standards in management and operation at the university level.

- Organizing training courses on administrative work.

- Sending documents from the university to respective individuals and organizations.

- Managing and archiving incoming documents according to the governmental rules.

- Consulting and evaluating the format and editing of the documents by Management Board and functional units.

- Managing stamps of the university and the dependent units.

- Preparing and publishing weekly calendar of Management Board.

- Providing introduction letters for staff. - Drawing plans for reception for the meetings of Management Board.

- Ordering, receiving and distributing magazines and administrative materials.

- Approval of money and parcel transfer for students.

- Organization of printing and copying of all kinds of documents serving general affairs of the University.

- Planning, organizing the reception, preparing facilities and carrying out meetings, domestic and international receptions of the Board for the university.

- Organizing funeral or marriage tasks of the University. Planning and organizing visits and ceremonies for the authorities and individual units, both within and outside the University.

- Leading general organizational activities of the departments.

- Purchasing distributing of the press and relevant information on public administration.

2.2. Reporting

- Completing quarterly reports to VNU.

- Finalizing yearly reports to VNU and Ministry of Education and Training.

- Organizing preliminary and summary conferences on completing tasks of the university.

- Note-taking at briefings at the Management block and university level. Delivering the conclusions of the briefings.

2.3. Infrastructure management

- Managing the setting up and maintenance of phone lines and fax machines at the university level.

- Managing and operating E-office system. - Being responsible for maintenance of meeting rooms.

- Being responsible for the purchase of stationery for Management Board.

- Managing university’s car for regular activities.

2.4. Local and international cooperation

- Implementing, instructing and assisting the local and international cooperation of the university and functional units.

- Preparing contents, agenda and materials for the meetings Management Board with local and international partners.

- Preparing cooperation documents and organizing signing ceremonies.

- Being the contact unit for the organization of international workshop.

- Proposing plans to develop the cooperation with local and international partners.

- Proposing plans for in/out delegations. Processing the documents for in/out delegations and Management Board.

- Organizing regular ceremony and anniversary of the university.

- Preparing and publishing the materials promoting the university in foreign language.

2.5. Coordinating with other units

- Cooperating with other offices and functional units to carry out the tasks assigned by the Rector.

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