Office of Academic Affairs

Tel: +84-4-3858 3795
Head: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Minh

Deputy Head: MSc. Chu Hong Duc, email:

Deputy Head: Dr. Pham Tien Duc, email:

1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in the management and organization of undergraduate and high school training.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Training management

Proposing development plans for organization and management of training relevant to the strategy and orientation of the university.

Developing plans and targets, as well as planning annual enrollment for grades and systems and training programs for undergraduate and high school students.

Planning and developing regulations on undergraduate and high school training.

Scheduling and implementing short-term, long-term and semester-based training plans.

Setting up and managing the database of the teaching hours of lecturers and of the academic records of students.

Developing teaching schedules and timetables of classes and exams.

Assessing students’ end-of-term achievements. Making graduation decisions; issuing degrees, transcripts, and certifications.

Improving the training management, teaching and learning methods and methods of examination and assessment.

Managing and maintaining the enrollment and academic performance records of pupils and students. Issuance of certificates relating to the results of enrollment and student’s learning.

Recommending the requirements, as well as building and implementing projects to strengthen infrastructure service training.

2.2. Curriculum development and training cooperation

Consulting, proposing and developing new curricula consistent with both the development orientation of VNU as well as the university and society’s needs.

Proposing and implementing solutions for improvement of quality and efficiency of training programs.

Revising current curricula and developing new curricula.

Participating in regular assessment of curricula and teaching quality of lecturers.

Setting up and implementing local and international training cooperation programs.

2.3. Textbook and learning materials management

Planning and coordinating with faculties and related units in developing textbooks, reference books, learning materials databases and electronic lectures for undergraduate training.

Updating and delivering information on post-graduate training on website.

2.4. Coordinating with other units

- Cooperating with the Department of Political-Student Affairs to perform tasks related to regulations, policies and management of pupils and students.

- Coordinate with Planning – Financial Department to plan and budget allocation of annual funding for the training.

- Coordinate with the Department of Organization and Personnel to build plans and strategies for human resource development training; evaluating dossiers of concurrently teaching staff and guest lecturers.

- Coordinate with the Department of Property Management and Security for building expansion project area and construction classes using the lecture schedule.

- Coordinate with the Department of Inspection, Legal Affairs and Quality Assurance to perform accreditation of higher education quality.

- Coordinate with the departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Collaborate with other units performing other duties assigned by the Rector.

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