Center for Information Technology and Communication

Address: 334 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.

  Tel:      +84-4-38589655

  Fax:       +84-4-35589773


Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Trong Vinh - Email: vinhlt

Vice Director: MSc. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Email:

I. Functions:

Consulting and assisting the Rector in strategic planning and management of works related to information technology (IT) and communications of the university.

II. Responsibilities

1. Consulting and assisting the Rector in IT

- Developing regulations, provisions relating to IT operations in accordance with current regulations.

- To develop medium-term, long-term, and annual strategic plans of IT activities.

- Consulting, design, construction, development and deployment of information networks, applications and services using open sources.

- Consulting, construction, development, ensures supports the digital administration system of the university.

- Consulting, constructing, and developing the software of the university.

- Consulting, constructing and developing the electronic portal of the university and the units upon request.

- Consulting the network security network of the university and units.

2. Technical management IT systems of the university

- Technical management and operation of the Internet infrastructural systems, Internet connections, the professional software of the university.

- E-portal management (Vietnamese and English websites) of the university.

- Ensure support and technical management for websites of the units (*

- Allocate and mange email for all staffs and students of the university.

- Participate in the implementation of projects related to the university's IT sector.

- Management of computer systems and shared computer practice classroom.

3. Training skills to use IT and research

-  Training users’ skills to exploit digital information systems.

- Propose research topics and projects related to the improvement of operation efficiency, safety and security of IT systems.

4. The University’s brand identity administration

-  Manage the university’s brand identity administration.

- Building brand development strategic plan to meet development goals of the university.

- Recommend and implement specific activities to manage, consolidate and enhance university’s brand value; image promotion, university’s brand for social cases.

- To design, print publications and other introduction of the university and units.

- Collaborate with other units in the university to build up and deploy operation services of advice, promoting recruitment, and job fairs.

5.  Communication activities

5.1 Communications for the operation of the university

- Manage information content of the university in website including:

       + To coordinate with relevant agencies to manage content and frequent updates of the information of Faculties and Departments and units of the university.

       + Putting news, photos of the events and activities of the University and the units of the university.

       + Promote the events of university through electronic message boards.

       + To coordinate with related units proposed solutions to improve image quality and content of Vietnamese and English websites.

- Consulting and evaluating the content of the website in the school unit, to ensure appropriate and consistent updating of information on policies and activities of the university, to strengthen the university’s brand image.

- Develop and implement communication plans for activities and events:

            + To formulate and implement communications plans for activities and events of the university to the staffs and students in University and society.

            + To coordinate with relevant agencies to implement communication plans for activities, other events as assigned.

- Manage university’s accounts on the social networking to disseminate official information on social cases.

- Implementing organization of university’s events when assigned.

5.2 Development and maintenance the relationships with partners

- Collaboration with other units in recruitment, job placement, internship opportunities; being the focal point to receive and implement recommendations of the business; receiving feedback of business on the quality of graduates.

- To lead the implementation of communication plans to promote the image of the units and external enterprises for staffs and students in the university when required to ensure compliance with the regulations of the government and university.

- Collaboration with other units in the building and management database, the connection with the alumni of the university.

- Collaboration with other units in the university to advocate funding for the activities of the university.

5.Join the communication consultancy projects

- Recommendation and participation in media consulting projects and branding for the units in the university.

- Actively seek, propose the communications consultancy projects and promote the brand outside the unit for staff and students of the university through the formation advertising, image promotion, product introduction or event.

6. Implementation of other duties as assigned by the Rector

Coordination with departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector.

- Collaboration with other units in performing other duties as assigned by the Rector.

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